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Do you want to sell your product online?

We are always looking for new products and in particular quality bulk or table wines. Preferably Tuscan wines, supplied in a 5-liter Bag in Box. If you want to offer us an artisanal product such as  Quality wines or food products (not fresh)  and you think you can sell it on our site, contact us by sending a request by email and attaching the photos of the product and the technical specifications of the same to:

For direct contact you can call  +39 342 7802561


We will evaluate your proposal to activate an effective collaboration and of mutual interest. The insertion of new products does not require an entrance fee, but simply the availability of a minimum of products in stock or a collaborative agreement to sell your products in  Dropshipping,  which is a very interesting working method and does not require any particular investment.  

What can we do together

We help you grow by creating visibility for your products, providing you with a complete range of qualified services, ideal for small producers, companies, restaurant distributors, which sell directly to the end user. 


A shop dedicated to quality bulk wines and bottled wines produced with native vines and not very present on the market, also combining them with typical local products.

We provide our creative experts and web marketing experts to promote and sell products on our Shop or in the stores of our affiliates

We give online visibility

to products and producers. We promote activities and manage product communication to facilitate the sales process.

We provide our contacts with resellers and end customers  always looking for delicacies and niche products to promote

Would you like to know more? Leave us your details and we will get back to you.

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