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INFORMATION NOTE - Before being put on sale, all our products are carefully selected, evaluated and tasted by our experts. The technical and gustatory characteristics of wine, oil,  of typical products, they come  carefully described, precisely to provide buyers with more information on perfumes, taste, on the particularities that make the product worth buying. 

Tris Vegetable Paté - 3 jars of 180g

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    • Packaging:  Box of 3  180g jars each Total 540g
    • Agency  La Dispensa Toscana - Toscana
    • Production area : Vicopisano (Pisa)
    • Particularity : a trio of Vegetable Paté of great lightness and taste, which includes  the best green spreadable pates, both for appetizers and croutons. The Dried Tomato Paté, the unrivaled Artichoke Paté, the Olive Paté,  all made with selected top quality ingredients and based on original Tuscan recipes. A Trio of   typical foods of this land, linked to gastronomic traditions  and the Tuscan taste. Spreadable pates, ready sauces, sauces, vegan and organic products, which are part of the  popular history and come from simple and genuine peasant recipes. These condiments are made with artisan procedures and with well-balanced recipes both in flavor and spiciness. A Trio of vegetable and spreadable paté  it is a real specialty  to be used every day for appetizers, appetizers, to open and complete, a  lunch or dinner. You will feel the goodness of these condiments, as good as homemade. They are foods without preservatives or flavorings  of synthesis, cooked in a healthy and tasty way and also suitable for children. They are also ready in 2 minutes  gluten free.
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