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INFORMATION NOTE - Before being put on sale, all our products are carefully selected, evaluated and tasted by our experts. The technical and gustatory characteristics of wine, oil,  of typical products, they come  carefully described, precisely to provide buyers with more information on perfumes, taste, on the particularities that make the product worth buying. 



The shipment of our products is carried out with National Couriers and  is free by reaching  a minimum order of 40 € - For smaller orders we apply a shipping fee of 6.00 € for shipments to Italy. Otherwise we adhere to the National and International rates of the Carriers. Bottled products are packaged in protected boxes  and shockproof.  

Tris of Forest Jams - 3 jars of 320g

SKU: TRBosc-Ldt-320-3v
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    • Packaging:  Box with 3  320g jars  each 
    • Agency  La Dispensa Toscana - Toscana
    • Production area : Vicopisano (Pisa)
    • Special features : a trio of Tuscan Extra Fruit Jams, made with selected top quality fruit and cane sugar. The Extra Raspberry Jam is a product made with a traditional recipe using the best fruits to obtain a tasty compound with that aftertaste that characterizes this type of jam. Mirtill i Extra Jam is a product made with a traditional recipe using and selecting the best fruits produced by this type of plant. After careful and meticulous processing and slow cooking, we obtain a tasty compound that enhances the typical flavor of blueberries. The Extra Berries Jam is a product made with a traditional recipe using the best selected berries. The final product is a jam with a balanced, sweet-sour taste with the consistency typical of these wild fruits.
    • Features: Our Extra Jams are produced using only first choice fruit, sugar and a lot of love for good things. Proper cooking at a controlled temperature keeps the fruit structure more compact and tasty. The procedure with which these products are obtained is that used in ancient times by Tuscan housewives who patiently prepared jars of jams and jellies for family consumption in the colder seasons. Excellent for breakfasts, desserts or for the kids' snack. They are Artisan products made with well-balanced recipes "as good as homemade " without chemical preservatives or other synthetic products. These delicacies were never lacking in the pantry of the peasant houses of our territory. And it is from that philosophy of life that our small food masterpieces are born, healthy, genuine, harmonious, as the tradition of our people wants.
  • On all shipments of glass containers, we recommend the use of "protected boxes" specifically designed for the transport of fragile products. Glass bottles are protected or by  containers and boxes  "special" such as to offer greater safety from shocks and compressions, caused by the couriers' logistics system. Products  so packaged  they are thus more protected from breakage  accidental.

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