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INFORMATION NOTE - Before being put on sale, all our products are carefully selected, evaluated and tasted by our experts. The technical and gustatory characteristics of the wine, oil, fruit and vegetables of the typical products come  carefully described precisely to provide buyers with more information on perfumes, taste, on the particularities that make the product worth buying. 



The shipment of our products is carried out with National Couriers and  is free by reaching  a minimum order of € 50 - For smaller orders we apply a shipping fee of € 9.90 for shipments to Italy. Otherwise we adhere to the National and International rates of the Carriers. Bottled products are packaged in protected boxes  and shockproof.  

Tropiè Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG - White Wine - 3 bottles

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    • Packaging:  0.75 cl. Bottle - Box of 3  Bottles
    • Winery : Il Lebbio - Tuscany
    • Production area : San Gimignano (Siena)
    • Particularity : the low yield per vine together with a rigorous controlled fermentation give this wine an intense aroma and a good body. In the glass it has a straw yellow color with fruity and floral nuances. Its flavor is dry and persistent, harmonious and fresh. A decidedly tuned wine.
    • Grapes:  Vernaccia di San Gimignano 100%
    • Categories:  White Wine in Bottle
    • Alcohol:  13.5% vol
    • Description: TROPIE  VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO DOCG is  truly a great Vernaccia and a white wine for good drinkers and connoisseurs.  The low yield per grape strain, together with a rigorous controlled fermentation, give this wine an intense aroma and a good body, it has a straw yellow color with fruity and floral nuances. Its flavor is dry and persistent, harmonious and fresh, with hints of almond. A decidedly tuned wine that I recommend to those who love white wines with character.  In the chalice  our Vernaccia has a pale straw color with greenish reflections. Its perfume is penetrating, fruity and floral and has a harmonious flavor characterized by a finish  of almond, with one  excellent body. The quality-price ratio is exceptional and such as to never be disappointed by this wine that combines aromas, aromas, body, flavor and taste, like few other Tuscan white wines can do.
    • Maturation: for three months in steel on the lees with batonnage, with carefully selected grapes and harvested by hand in our vineyards. 
    • Color: pale straw yellow tending to golden with aging.
    • Nose: fruity and elegant with subtle hints characteristic of the grape. It lingers above all on fresh and clean floral notes, finished with light almond tones.
    • Taste: dry, harmonious and structured with a long and elegant aftertaste. Given its structure, it is one of the few whites that likes to undergo a short aging.
  • On all shipments of glass containers, we recommend the use of "protected boxes" specifically designed for the transport of fragile products. Glass bottles are protected or by  containers and boxes  "special" such as to offer greater safety from shocks and compressions, caused by the couriers' logistics system. Products  so packaged  they are thus more protected from breakage  accidental.

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