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INFORMATION NOTE - Before being put on sale, all our products are carefully selected, evaluated and tasted by our experts. The technical and gustatory characteristics of wine, oil,  of typical products, they come  carefully described, precisely to provide buyers with more information on perfumes, taste, on the particularities that make the product worth buying. 

Eulalia - White Wine of Tuscany IGT 6 Bottles

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    • Packaging:  Box of 3 bottles of 75 cl.
    • Winery : Podere Spazzavento - Tuscany
    • Production area : Ponsacco  (Pisa)
    • Particularity : a white wine, organic,  fermented in cocciopesto amphorae, very intense and fragrant that clearly stands out from the typical Tuscan whites.
    • Grapes:  100% of  Trebbiano grapes 
    • Categories:  Organic White Wine in Bottle
    • Alcohol:  12% vol
    • Description: L'UVA E LA TERRA is produced with 100% Trebbiano, this grape is carefully selected in our vineyards with the aim of achieving a product of the highest quality. Fermentation takes place in 350 liter cocciopesto amphorae, once the fermentation is over the wine is not drawn off but the skins remain to macerate in contact with the wine for a year. This procedure is made possible because the high oxygen exchange of the cocciopesto allows a prolonged stay of the skins in the amphorae, which means that the aromas and fragrances contained in the skins are released in a very marked way. The final product is a very intense and fragrant wine that clearly stands out from the typical Tuscan whites.
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