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INFORMATION NOTE - Before being put on sale, all our products are carefully selected, evaluated and tasted by our experts. The technical and gustatory characteristics of the wine, oil, fruit and vegetables of the typical products come  carefully described precisely to provide buyers with more information on perfumes, taste, on the particularities that make the product worth buying. 



The shipment of our products is carried out with National Couriers and  is free by reaching  a minimum order of 40 € - For smaller orders we apply a shipping fee of € 6.00 for shipments to Italy. Otherwise we adhere to the National and International rates of the Carriers. Bottled products are packaged in protected boxes  and shockproof.  

Oro del Caratello di Toscana IGT - 1 bottles

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    • Packaging:  Box with 1 bottle of 375 ml. -  1  Bottles
    • Winery : Spazzavento - Tuscany
    • Production area :  Ponsacco (Pisa)
    • Particularity : ORO DEL CARATELLO IGT is a passito produced exclusively with Colombana grapes from which they are selected and harvested  only the best bunches of grapes, coming from our oldest vineyards, after which the grapes are left to dry in small plastic crates in a controlled humidity room, where they remain for 3/4 months. Aging takes place in small 100-liter kegs.
    • Grapes:  Colombana 100%
    • Categories:  Passito di Toscana  IGT
    • Alcohol:  13.5% vol
    • Description:
      ORO DEL CARATELLO IGT is an exclusive passito product  mind with Uva Colombana. The first step of the production is to collect only the best bunches of grapes from our oldest vineyards (from the 50s / 60s)  preparing the grapes for drying,  in small plastic crates, stored in a controlled humidity room for 3/4 months.   At the end of the drying period, the grapes are first crushed manually with a stick called "pigio" and then placed in a bottleneck until the must is obtained. Once the must has been obtained, it is aged in small 100-liter kegs of four different types of wood (oak, cherry, acacia and chestnut) for a minimum period of 5 years. The final product "Oro del Caratello" is a splendid passito, very dense, complex and with marked notes of sweetness and acidity. A real masterpiece of goodness and sweetness.
    • color:  in the glass it is a beautiful deep and deep straw yellow, amber.
    • perfume: excellent fruity sensation that characterizes it and that  evolves towards hints of fruit, vanilla, honey.
    • taste:  sweet, soft, persuasive, refined, intense and at the same time harmonious. On the palate you can appreciate the flavor of  candied fruit and fruit e  a note of hazelnuts,  honey and dried grapes.
    • Considerations:  Very pleasant Passito wine to share  moments of relaxation, both at the end of a meal and in combination with aged cheeses. 
  • On all shipments of glass containers, we recommend the use of "protected boxes" specifically designed for the transport of fragile products. Glass bottles are protected or by  containers and boxes  "special" such as to offer greater safety from shocks and compressions, caused by the couriers' logistics system. Products  so packaged  they are thus more protected from breakage  accidental.

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